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NETTV introduces the first IPTV of Nepal.

Experience the international class quality while watching

your favorite channels, movies, TV shows, etc.


Live Television

This feature allows our viewers to watch their favourite televison channels in HD quality.It also provides an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) service, uses DVR to digitally record the live television up to 24 hours.


This feature allows Users are allowed to watch the different genre of movies all within a single app. Different movies like English, Hindi and Nepali are included.

TV Shows

This feature contains the popular Nepali, Indian, International TV shows. This helps our user to watch the recorded TV shows any time they want. Now you can enjoy different categorized shows all in one place.

My Account

This feature allows its user to review their information such as: user, package, channels, movies information. This app also supports recharging the account balance via different services.

Youtube Plus

The useful YouTube channels from where people can learn and stay updated to the new things. The multiple YouTube channels can be accessed from here.

Home Player

A home player in the NETTV STB allows its user to access their external storage devices for viewing their videos and photos.



Live TV

The LIVE Television feature allows our viewers to stream their favorite TV Channels in HD quality. We currently provide more than 150 Live TV channels, catering to various genres. NetTV currently provides economic packages to its users, along with the A-la-carte Channels.

Flexible Subscription Packages

We provide our viewers with flexible subscription packages. Premium Package with 43 premium channels and 109 free channels, Sports Package with 10 premium sports channels and 109 free channels and Entertainment package with 33 premium channels and 109 free channels.

HD Channels

The HD/SD feature enables our viewers to stream their TV Channels in High Definition or Standard Definition. Our premium users will have full access to watch 50+ High-Quality Channels to enhance the viewers’ experience. With over 50+ HD channels there is never a dull moment with NET TV.


We facilitate our viewers with EPG (Electronic Program Guide) feature that provide an interface to visualize the list of current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel along with a short summary or commentary for each program.

DVR (Catch-Up TV)

Now, our viewers should not have to worry about missing their favorite shows. We provide our viewers with Catch-Up or DVR feature to enable them to record their favorite TV Shows, Movies and many more up to 24 hrs.


The Sports feature allows our viewers to get live scores, fixtures and news about FIFA world cup, Russia 2018. The viewers are provided with Predict and Win feature where they can participate and win some exciting gifts.

Ad free Surfing

Surf your NET TV web application without annoying pop ups and ads.


The News feature allows our users to get the latest news information. Always be updated with our application.

Missed your favorite TV show? Searching for it online? Don’t worry, leave that for us to worry. Net TV presents auto recording feature which helps you watch your favorite TV shows even when you have missed it. This feature allows you to watch your missed TV shows of past 7 days. Make sure that you catch up with your favorite show within 7 days. Auto recording gets updated every day as it adds recent episodes of the TV shows each passing day. This is Net TV’s special feature that records TV shows of ALL channels, without missing a single program. So whether you were late for the show or had to go out, no worries! Grab a popcorn, call your loved ones, and enjoy your favorite shows anytime you are free.

Are you amongst those people who love having choices but stuck watching whatever movies or shows the channels are showing? Well, NetTV has the perfect solution to your problems. NetTV introduces Video on demand. It is a system that allows you to select and watch any movies or TV shows on any date and time you want. Video on demand lets you watch your favorite movies and shows at your convenience instead of a schedule as decided by Traditional TV cable providers. You get the option of choosing from a vast variety of movies/shows included in the catalog once you install NetTV whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want.

You might be thinking that you need a TV to watch your favorite TV shows live. Well, it’s not true in case of NET TV. You can watch your TV from your pocket or your lap, carry it all around, sit wherever you like and enjoy. Net TV introduces TV Everywhere feature where you can install ‘NetTV’ app in your mobile phone, tablet or in your laptop. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows of any channel you like wherever you go. You don’t even need to go to your house or any other place to watch TV. You can watch TV shows when you’re traveling or hanging out with your friends or doing any other things. It just requires you to install the app and your TV is in the tips of your finger.

NET TV is the only service provider to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted Service. Even in rainy and cloudy days, the picture quality will remain clear.

Are you sick of watching low definition channels? Nowadays nobody wants to settle for less then why are you still okay with SD channels with such few options? Choose NETTV as it has varieties of HD channels. Many people ask why we should choose HD channels when we get to see the same channels in SD. Well, HD channels have over twice the sharpness and clarity with far superior color resolution. With NetTV you don't have to face problems of low quality, grainy content because of weak signals which we often see on conventional TV broadcasting. The biggest criticism of HD has been the limited channel selection available. But that is not the case with NetTv. There are 55+ HD channels available. People get to enjoy high-quality TV experience which is an offer one should not miss. NetTv is the solution to all your TV problems.