TVS Everest Premier League (EPL) 2018 is all set to begin on December 8!

Nepal’s First and Biggest Premier League showcases the highest level of cricket domestically and is the most-attended sports event in Nepal that also gathers humongous viewership on Television.

Viewers can watch Everest Premier League Live on Net TV which is available on Android, iOS, and Web App.

EPL Live will be a pay-per-view programme where a viewer is required to pay a small fee (NRs 5) in order to watch the match live. EPL Live will not be included in the Premium Experience Package.

The idea behind EPL is to create a link that joins investors, sponsors, and players to come under one roof and work for cricket development in Nepal.

EPL has added competitive cricketing days in our domestic calendar and has brought money into the game. It is this that allows Cricket to be considered as a healthy career option for youngsters.

EPL is a great opportunity for young, aspiring talents to come forth and showcase their skills with the world watching.

A total of six teams will take part in the tournament with top four teams making it to the playoffs. The organizers have not revealed the prize money yet. Last year, the champions earned Rs 2.1 million.

Watch EPL on NET TV:


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